Vero Beach 2018

Hi Friends!
We just returned from our annual trip to Vero Beach, and it was just what my soul needed. We stayed at Costa d'este, where Mike and always stayed pre-Tommy days. It was "our place," so to speak. Our best kept secret! We tried to take Tommy once in 2013, but it was a disaster that you can read about HERE!  Anyway, we decided to give it another shot now that he's older, and I'm glad we did.
We arrived Sunday afternoon, and waited for the weekend guests to clear out. Word of advice- DON'T stay at a resort over a weekend. Resorts are usually at maximum capacity over which means less pampering, and we want pampering! Stay during the week, and you won't be disappointed!
Once Monday hit, we were in business, and it was as wonderful as I remembered. Frozen grapes by the pool, foot massages and tropical drinks. My favorite is the skinny Mojito which a real sugar cane stirrer. Yum!
We did a ton of swimming, eating, and relaxing and the weather was perfection the entire time! Mike even took Tommy down to the beach in the early AM to built sandcastles so I could sleep in. Thank you honey!
I  managed to get through this novel which was incredible seeing how I haven't really read an entire book since Tommy was born!  If you like a good thriller, I would highly recommend it, We ventured out one night to have dinner at Ocean Grill. Tommy loves it because it's "spooky." Mike loves the fish and I love the fillet. Bobby's restaurant and Lounge is fantastic too!
That's about it. We will be back next year for sure!

Thanks for reading!

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