The UNrelaxing Vacation

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a straight shooter! I don't wear social masks, never candy-coat anything and pretty much tell it like it is. Therefore, I am happy to share with you our first vacation experience with baby Tommy. No rainbows and unicorns in this story! If you didn't read my previous post, please do so now! 

We arrived in Vero Beach on Monday afternoon. The weather couldn't have been more perfect, and we couldn't have been more excited for some fun in the sun and and some serious relaxation. We checked into our room with this view!

We were in awe. Our room was had the perfect! Right off the gorgeous pool and just steps from the beach! In one word, paradise! But............ this little guy had different plans!

For some reason, this sweet angelic little face started SCREAMING the second we entered our room! In a panic, we wisked him off to the pool where we could get a much needed drink, and he could get some much needed air!

Phew! Mission accomplished! Nothing like a sleeping baby, drinks and delicious food.
 Ceviche (Mikes favorite), Shrimp cocktail, Buffalo chicken empanadas and Spinach artichoke dip! 

So there we were enjoying the moment, talking, laughing and commenting on how adorable and content Tommy looked. We were so excited to be sharing our favorite spot with him. Then, he opened his eyes, looked at me, smiled from ear to ear and ..... Waaaaaaaaah! 

Needless to say, the rest of the night was pretty much the same. Nonstop crying, no sleeping, Mike getting peed on by a screaming Tommy not wanting to take a bath is the pristine marble sink (baths are one of his favorite things mind you) not that night, and the two of us (Mike and I) running around trying to figure out how to get him to stop crying so we wouldn't disrupt the other guests in our five ✮ hotel!

But..... as Clark W. Griswald says in Vacation, "With every new day, there's fresh hope!"
So, the next day, we ordered a little bit of this.....

Put on our swim suits and Tommy's groovy 70's board shorts and headed to the pool!

I couldn't wait to take Tommy for a swim. I hopped into the pool and Mike handed him to me. I slowly put his little feet into the water, and when I got to about his waist,........ Waaaaaaaaaah! Mission aborted!
 Mike took him BACK to the room so I could get some sun, swim and most of all RELAX! Thanks sweet husband!

I could go on and on with stories about our crazy 4 day vacation that we cut a day short! We decided that we would return when Tommy is a bit older. We learned a lesson for sure! 
Unless your baby is still in that sleep all day and night stage or you are traveling with a nanny or at least other people to hand him off to, your vacation will be anything but relaxing! 
I don't want to act like it was a complete bust. I mean, I DID get to spend 3 days with my favorite guys. My dog Jake included. And I DID get to eat great food and thanks to Mike, DID get a little sun, and much needed pool time. We'll try again in a year! Here are some of the sweeter moments. 

By the way, this last picture was taken the day we checked out. This is Tommy poolside. Suddenly he turned into a little cherub! We have no idea what happened!!!!!! We thought about rechecking in, but decided not to press our luck!
Hope you all enjoyed my story!


Michael Andrew said...

Needs photos of him crying screaming!

Ashley said...

Oh no!! Well at least yall got to escape and be by the water in a gorgeous place! Hopefully next year he'll enjoy it more. Have a great weekend!