Couple Christmas Card Ideas

My neighbors asked me if I would take their Christmas card photo this year. I'm totally flattered, and have been looking for cute ideas! Which is your favorite?
I love this one! It's just so New York!
I like the simple black coats in this picture. I could see this card with red writing.

How cute is this one? Seriously!
If you can manage to find some snow. This is adorable!
Fun and totally doable! 


Anonymous said...

Oh my word! I'm so excited! LOVING your ideas! We will have to choose a date soon! :)
Oh! and LOVE your blog!
- Karina

Lea said...

Yay! I was hoping you would see this! ( :

Lucent Imagery said...

Love the New York one. Love New York. Period. The snow one is gorgeous. I want the girl's hair from the second one! But lots of lights wrapped around them in front of greenery sounds like a great idea!

Lea said...

I want that girls hair too! LOL!

annewalker said...

I agree, I like the New York Card as well as the Idlewilds. Beautiful and sweet. Thank you for sharing these Christmas card ideas. I may refer to this when I make my own christmas card for my boyfriend miles away.

Anne Walker
Free Christmas Ideas

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Ashleigh Weatherill said...

Thanks for the inspiration's been years since we've done a card and these have inspired me to get it done this year.

Unknown said...

I want the New York Girl's jacket! Any idea where I can find it!? :)
These are beautiful.