Vero Beach 2019

We just got back from our annual vacation to Vero Beach which never disappoints! 
Vero is our happy place, and we look forward to making new memories every year. 
The weather was more than we could have asked for. Rainy summer days can be unpredictable in Florida, but we were blessed with clear, beautiful sunny skies the entire stay. 

This trip was not much different than usual. We swim, relax, walk the beach to look for pirate treasure (see below) dine out, order room service, drink cocktails around the pool, and take full advantage of happy hour for fish tacos, and Stella on tap. We really never leave the resort except for one night where we venture out to our favorite restaurant The Ocean Grill for buttery chardonnay, and lobster, followed by ice cream from Tommy's favorite place "Cravings!"
On the final day of our trip we flew a butterfly kite that Tommy picked out himself to honor his sister. Here are a few pics from our trip.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

Tommy met beautiful Amelia the night we arrived, and they swam in that pool together until about 9:30! She was leaving that night, but it certainly started the trip off on a high!

Tommy's pretty obsessed with Pirates and treasure right now, so after reading about a ship wreck (read about it here) in Vero, we surprised him with a treasure map, and morning walks on the beach to find gold and precious gems. Thank you to Michael for letting me sleep IN while he and Tommy took the early morning treasure hunt slot!

 Coconut French toast? Yes please!

I surprise Tommy with a snack box in the car on our way to Vero every year. Then we all munch on it during the stay. Here's this years!

That's All Folks! 
Thanks for reading. 💙


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