He's 7

This boy is 7 years old! 
He came into our lives seven years ago, and has been giving us a run for our money ever since!
 He's like a 17 year old in a 7 year olds body. We call him "Little Lord Fauntleroy," and it suits him well, because he pretty much runs the house!  He's either quiet and shy or wild and crazy! There is no in between. 
He's street smart and book smart but doesn't have much interest for school. He says he'd rather play, and I can't say I blame him. We are in shock when the teacher tells us how well behaved he is. We just look at each other like..... really? Tommy? Tommy Andrew?

His biggest wish is to lose a tooth, but he hasn't lost any yet, He writes his own songs and belts them from the second he wakes until the second he goes to bed,  Will he follow in our footsteps and be in the entertainment business? We don't know, because he also likes to take EVERYTHING apart and put it back together. Engineer? Perhaps.
He's funny! Just ask him. Being silly is his favorite thing to do. I mean doing this photo shoot with him is one of the hardest things I've ever done. Ever! He told me the other day that he's the class clown, and I believe it! He's somewhat of an introvert, but LOVES being with his friends, and I have a feeling someday he'll be the last one at the party!
Chasing girls on the playground is serious business, and so is making up "plans" to chase them. He's  and animal lover, and will pick up any bug he comes into contact with. I could go on an on, but most importantly he's sweet, SO VERY SWEET and sensitive to a fault. He can dish it out, but definitely can't take it! His feelings get hurt easily and he constantly has to hold in his tears. He tells me about all his feelings everyday on the way home from school and I'm just so happy he trusts me with them. I just love this boy! My sweet T.  Here are a few of his favorite things.

Favorite Song- The Night Begins To Shine (B.E.R)
Color- Red or Orange
Football Team- The Gators
Show-Teen Titans, Goosebumps
Place- Vero Beach
Food- Steak
Toy-Anything Pokemon, TreasureX
Loves- Gemstones, crystals and rocks

Happy 7th Birthday T! We love you!

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Burma Davis Posey said...

Dear Lea and Michael,
Every year Tommy is more handsome!!! He has so much spunk! Whether he goes into the entertainment industry, or becomes an engineer, or whatever, I know he's going to be great because you are such awesome parents! He is getting the best of both of you! It's so much fun watching Tommy grow up! May his 7th birthday be super special!
I love y'all to pieces!