Tommy (T) 5!

Sometimes I catch him at a certain angle and feel like I'm looking at myself, but then he whips around and I'm staring at my husband. My (3 month early) preemie boy Tommy is Five! Five and a half to be exact. Each year I like to do an archival post, but I'm a bit overdue! He starts Kindergarten in the Fall and I can't believe it! He's ready, I know it, but it will certainly be an adjustment.
Here are my Tommy-isms for age 5.

He is totally ridiculously in LOVE with girls. Older girls, and if they wear earrings, that's a bonus!   I've never seen anything like it really, and already know his teen aged years will be 100% focused on girls. I'm just dreading the first time someone breaks his sweet little heart.

He can spend hours performing "Heat Miser and Snow Miser" in our living room. Hours! But- he STILL wants to be a "Machine Maker." He takes apart just about everything in the house to see how it works. It's kind of annoying, but who am I to stunt his passion?

He is sensitive to a fault. He tells me about his feelings all the time. He's frustrated, jealous, happy, sad, excited, scared. You name it. He's in touch! Sometimes out of the blue he'll say,"I feel sad." When I ask him why he'll say,"Well I was mean to Murphy before and I'm feeling bad about it." It's the sweetest thing.

He's accident prone. He gets hurt ALL THE TIME. All the time! He's the only person I know who can just fall over from a standing position.

When he wants something he tells me I'm beautiful and that my dinners are exquisite.

He wants a sister. An older sister, and brings me his money so I can buy one. Tells me he doesn't care what she looks like but hopes she doesn't have friends so she'll want to just play with him. I'd be lying if I said it didn't make my heart break just a little bit.

Favorite toy- Jewels! He has 3 pirate chests FULL of jewels.
Favorite game- Disney's Castle of Illusion.
Color- Red
Restaurant- Shake Shack
Snack- Goldfish
Place- The Beach, and the beach hotel.

I could go on and on about him I really could, but I think the most important thing is that he is a sweet boy. In the words of his teacher,"Tommy is a good friend to ALL the kids in his class." And in this age of bullies, I'll take it!

Thanks for reading......

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Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Tommy! Crazy how fast time flies.