Tommy's 4th Birthday BIG ADVENTURE!

Every year for Tommy's party we've done a pretty typical theme. One year it was Elmo, one year Mickey, you get the point.
 Pee Wee Herman is pretty big in our house. We have all his movies on our most watched list on Netflix so it was no surprise that T would want a Pee Wee party, but how do you work with that theme when most, okay ALL the other kids don't even know who Pee Wee is?
 I decided to make it colorful (kids love color)  and fun, fun, fun because lets face it, at the end of the day all kids want is to play, and eat cake. Am I right?
Mike made the amazing invite and was in charge of a Pee Wee music list to play during the party, and I got to work making ice-cream cone cupcakes that I found on Pinterest. Lets start there shall we? I was so excited for the kids to have THESE cupcakes. I thought they'd go well with the fun house theme and be less messy than regular cupcakes. I even did a trial run a few days before the party and the batch came out great. Well...... the night before the party I made 2 dozen and went to bed. The next morning I woke up to a huge mess! Most of the cupcakes had wilted and tipped over! I nearly had a nervous break down as I salvaged enough for 7 kids and sent Mike to the grocery store to grab 2 dozen store bought cupcakes. Grrrrrrr! 
Here are the salvageable cupcakes. 

Okay, now for disaster #2! I had bought a little cake to be the center of the cupcake display which I planned on finishing off with a Pee Wee Herman bobble head doll. Cute right? So, Mike puts the bobble head doll on top and no sooner than he placed it, did the icing slide off and send Pee Wee flying! Nervous break down #2! See below.

Mike went to work and re-iced and sprinkled that little cake, but it kept sliding regardless. We decided to just go with it, and move on! 
The party was simple. Lots of colorful decor, punching balloons, and a BIG inflatable bouncy house/slide in the front yard. 

The menu was also simple.
Cupcakes, lollipops, retro boxes of popcorn for the kids, baked brie, a bowl of strawberries and grapes, and veggies and dip. Done!
 Oh, and beer and champagne for the adults, because who doesn't need a drink to get through a few hours of screaming toddlers? Am I right? 
Thank you!

All in all the party was a success. It's ridiculous how much you can stress over a party for a 4 year old but you do. 
At about 5:30pm that night Mike was napping and Tommy asked if we could go and jump in that bouncy house one more time, so I said sure. 
There we were jumping and jumping and I felt like a kid again, and the best part was that I was jumping with my son! We slid down that slide on our stomachs, backwards, did somersaults and rolled down like logs. Ahhhhh, to be a kid again!
It was a moment I'll never forget.
Happy 4th Birthday Tommy, and happy birthday in Heaven to my sweet daughter Cali.  I like to think you were jumping right along side us in that bouncy house.
You are not forgotten......

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