Homemade Advent Calendar

December has arrived!
One of my favorite memories as a kid was getting an advent calendar. Opening up those little windows each day was so exciting, and when the waxy chocolate ones came out, life got even better!
Now that Tommy is three, and has a better understanding of Christmas, I want to start our own holiday traditions, so I thought it would be cool to make him his own homemade advent calendar.

To start off my creation, I headed to the Dollar Store. The Dollar Store is your friend people! Tommy loves the silly (cheap) toys from the Dollar Store and when they break, I just toss them. 
Done! Oh, and YES that IS a whoopee cushion. Gotta have a little fun now don't we?

Since I spent $25. at the Dollar Store, I decided to use what I had around my house to finish the project. I already had the bakers twine, and the brown lunch bags, and the sparkly red clothespins I picked up for a buck at Marshalls. I took a red sharpie marker, and drew out all the numbers on the bags freehand. It doesn't have to be perfect. Kids don't care about perfection! 

Then I stuffed each bag with an item, folded it over and stapled it shut. I had some cheap plastic evergreen and holly leaf sprigs in my closet so I cut those up and secured them to the bags. I then punched a whole in each and voila. Done!
My original plan was to have them hanging over our table in the kitchen at all different lengths, but that plan was foiled when I realized my bags were too big, so I tied them to our railing going up the stairs which ended up being a better idea. A little Christmas decor!

So far Tommy has opened one exciting bag, and would love to open ALL the rest. I think this "tradition" is going to be a huge lesson in patience!
Next year it's Mikes turn to make one, and anyone who knows my husband knows it will be a true masterpiece! 
Happy Holidays everyone!

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