Classy/Sexy Halloween Costumes

Tomorrow is Halloween. My husband always makes the comment that young girls wait all year for Halloween, just so they can dress up like street walkers! I'll admit, the sexy costume thing IS a bit out of control! I guess I never had the desire to have my tush out for Halloween because I've worn much less on stage! I understand wanting to look sexy girls, but keep it classy. Less is not always more! All though I'm not dressing up this year, I still love surfing the net for costumes. Check out a few Sexy yet classy costumes I came across on Hmmmmmm. Maybe next year?

1. Love this black and white Pirate. Sexy yet covered up! 
2. Who wouldn't want to be an Indian Princess? Love the crisp & clean white w/tan.
3. How cute is this jewel toned colorful Fortune Teller? 
4. Sport a little leopard as a Cavewoman!
5. A classic Flapper girl! The one shoulder is chic.

Which is your favorite?


courtneyricole said...

Does that Jane outfit come with the boots?? Those are great! Of course, I'm too short to pull those off - they would probably come all the way up to the tops of my legs!!! :)

Lea said...

No way you would look HOT! I think you look even better than before you had little Castiel! Of course the boots are separate, but they aren't too expensive!