Purse Closet

Some husbands buy their wives jewelry. Well, mine builds me things! The latest? A PURSE CLOSET!
I mean....... how did I get this guy? 
Even though I am a minimalist, I never have enough room for the only thing I collect. Purses!!!! So what does my husband do? He transforms a dingy "junk" closet in our bedroom, into a "PURSE PARADISE!" This is how he did it......


He painted the closet bright white, and then covered the walls and bottom shelf with white leather! So cool! He then built shelf supports and ordered glass shelves. To top it off, he added lighting from above and a mirror up top to really make it bright! 
Time to fill it up! Look at my Jakey! Such a good boy to let me stuff him in there for a picture!

Thank you to my sweet and "handy" husband who NEVER ceases to AMAZE me! I love, love, love you and my new purse closet! 
Now.......... where to put that junk?


Lucent Imagery said...

Lovely husband and model dog. Awesome little family! Love the starkness of the white. x

Steve said...

Mike's waited his whole life to have someone to do things like this for.

Lea said...

Awwww! Sweet! ( :

Ashley said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog as well! Such a great guy to build you this and quite a collection you got going with those purses. I would like to borrow one for a day:)