Wednesday, August 17, 2016

An Andrew Inventory

We're in built in bookcase construction mode over here. Well....... Mike is. I can't tell you how much I love a nice built in bookcase to display books among other things, and since we have the perfect room for one, we thought we'd give it a whirl. Pics to come. It's already looking great! Thanks Honey!

Making: Tonight's menu is spinach and feta turkey meatballs in a vodka sauce. It's healthy AND the house smells amazing!
Drinking: Lemon water. Started about a month ago. Even my skin is thanking me!
Reading: Blogs. Catching up on all my favorites!
Watching: Highlights from the Olympics. That Simone!
Smelling: My meatballs. See above. Recipe HERE.
Wearing: Sweatpants and t-shirts. All of us. It's a lazy Sunday as I write this.
Listening: To Tommy act out a cookie monster scene he calls "The Three Gates.' My little actor boy.
Looking: For new lighting fixtures. This house needs a major lighting fixture makeover!
Wanting: THESE boots for Fall. Michael? Cognac please. ( :
Wishing: Our families lived closer.
Eating: A Kashi Basil white bean olive oil bar. Have you had one? They're new and so, so good!
Planning: Our next vacation!
Loving: The view of the pool in this house with the flamingo and swan swimming back and fourth.
Feeling: Grateful.

Oh, and did you notice the creepy head? How could you not?
Just one of Mike's show props that Tommy has taken over as his. There was no way I was going to miss the opportunity to take a creepy head selfie! No way! And anyway, this is reality folks. It's also another reminder that expensive toys with all the bells and whistles will never compare to a creepy plastic head. That's a head with no body by the way.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Weight Loss, Recording, and Big Boy Beds

Is it really August?
I can't believe we've been in our new abode for 4 months now, and I can't believe this very HOT summer is coming to a close. Kids in FL are headed back to school soon, which is way to early in my opinion, but I'm sure I won't be saying that when Tommy starts school. We decided to wait on that for now because he's busy enough with his little group of friends, and curricular activities, and truthfully, we kind of like the kid around here! Anyway, what's more important than the school of life? Am I right?
I've lost 8 lbs which isn't easy mind you when you've had kids, and are a hiccup away from 44. 44?! What? Wow! Don't know when that happened, but I'll be dedicating a good part of my blog to "Operation Lea." I'll let you know how I achieved it, and why I found it so important. It took some soul searching, and a certain attitude mixed in with some healthy eating of course, so stay tuned for that.
Tommy has successfully slept in a big boy bed for the past few days. We are late on the big boy bed, but my attitude was simply why fix it if it ain't broke? So, that was the hold up, along with a little laziness on our part, but we did it! He fell out the first night but I scooped him up and put him back in and he has no memory of it. He asked for an ORANGE comforter for his big boy bed. Orange? This is not an easy task, but thanks to Pottery Barn Kids, I found this one on sale, and this alarm clock has been a savior for us. If you have small children I highly recommend it. Tommy doesn't step out of that bed until the ☀️comes up! It works! That and threats of course.
Mike has had a ton of studio work which brings him the most joy. I even helped record a song for him the other night, and Tommy is in recording studio heaven playing his instruments and dancing around to Gershwin. Like I said, who needs school right now? 

I made this skinny macaroni and cheese the other night, and it was a huge success. Tommy ate it right up which is the real test. kid approved!  
I'm onto the Netflix series Stranger Things. I'm on the 6th episode and while I like the whole 80's vibe, the jury is still out on whether or not I LOVE it. I'm not a sci-fi girl. Is that the problem? Maybe.
This micellar cleansing water has me sold. Don't know about you but I hate taking my make-up off at night. This is a face wash and make up remover in one and even takes off waterproof make up. No more excuses now. 
Are you an instagrammer? Check out Dr. Mona Vand's page. She's my healthy Guru! She's a modern pharmacist (right up my alley) and is beautiful, smart and inspiring. Love her! 

What are you up to this weekend? Mike is out of town, so Tommy and I will probably swim a bit, and take a little field trip to Ikea. We're also cat sitting which is exciting in itself.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

This Guy!

This guy is 3 1/2, ALMOST 4! 
 I haven't done a post on him in such a long time, and I'm trying to document these things, and there is just so much to say, so I'm sorry but here goes! 
This picture of Tommy strumming a guitar behind some warehouse in his Batman shoes couldn't be  more accurate. He's an entertainer through and through, and already puts on shows for us and anyone else who comes to the house. He plays instruments, acts out scenes from Sesame Street and is big into costumes. Song choices include Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Eye of The Tiger. It's a toss up! It's in the blood as they say, and I would be pretty shocked if he didn't follow in his parents footsteps. There's a part of me that loves this, and a part of me that was kind of wishing he'd find something more stable, but there really is no business like show business, so the show must go on!

Favorite Color-Red
Drink-Strawberry milkshakes
Left or right handed-Jury's still out on that one.  

He's either my sweet sensitive little buddy who loves to cuddle or he's Tommy the terror, a little dictator riding his scooter through the house screaming at the top of his lungs! He's social yet independent and has confidence like you've never seen. I'm really hoping he can maintain that you know? Hoping he'll get right back up when life knocks him down. 
I asked him one day if he wanted me to teach him to spell his name and he said, "T-O-M-M-Y!" Checked that one off the list. He can tell you his address, knows his left from right, his colors and the order of the rainbow. The other day at dinner he informed us that a dodecahedron is a 12 sided shape. What? Did you know that? Me neither! Oh, and he learned that watching TV, so anyone who says TV is bad for kids is just wrong!
He dreams now, which he calls 'stories" and I get to hear about them when he wakes up. He's and excellent swimmer, and is totally potty trained with ZERO accidents which I'm discovering is kind of rare. So thank you God for that!
 He LIVES for Shake Shack, ice-cream with whipped cream and sprinkles, and his own cart at Trader Joe's. He loves to help me cook which will be a bonus for his future wife because who doesn't like a man who can cook right? He still naps 2 hours a day (thank you God again) and is an excellent sleeper.  He's had one imaginary friend "Jimmy" who stuck around for about a week but that was pretty short lived. and lastly, he's really good at pointing out, any zit, nose hair, mole, scar, excess fat, whatever. 
Honest? Yes.
 Embarrassing? Absolutely! 
I think that's about it! Anyone want him? No way! We love this kid! 
Thanks for reading! ❤️

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Super HEALTHY Chicken Salad

I don't know if it's because I'm in a bathing suit practically everyday or what, but I've been on a health kick so I'm constantly trying to come up with new and healthy lunches that are high in protein and low in carbs. I don't completely cut carbs out, because YOU NEED CARBS but I do try to be aware of how many carbs I eat. In my experience, it's really the only way to stay lean.  So- here is my latest FAVE lunch!
~1 10oz can of chunk white chicken
~1 small 6oz can Garbanzo beans
~1 stalk of celery chopped
~2 tbsp Hellmann's Mayonnaise with olive oil
~1 tsp Greek seasoning
Mix all of the ingredients together with a fork until well blended. Scoop into bowls. Makes 2 servings. 
My husband loves this salad too. The garbanzo beans make it very filling!
Add a few sliced cherry tomatoes for garnish and a few crackers on the side. I eat wafer crackers which are healthier and so good!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Most SAVED Pinterest Pin!

Are you a Pinterest fan? I sure am! I can spend hours upon hours on Pinterest. I think it's one the most fun and creative sights on the internet, full of such beautiful ideas! I pin and pin all the time, but there is one pin in particular that I pinned that is CONSTANTLY re-pinned! I don't know what it is about this pin, but I must get about 10 emails a day saying it was re-pinned! Apparently it's a real crowd pleaser. But seriously..... have you ever met anyone who doesn't enjoy an icy coke and fries? Anyone getting married out there? Take note. This picture is actually from a stunning wedding. See HERE!
Hope your week is going well!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Lately + LINKS

LOVE this pic. Mike eating his breakfast in bed on Father's Day, while Tommy reads him a book. Priceless!
Happy Friday everyone! It's been a while, I know! 

How have YOU been? All is well here. We are still loving our new house, and had our first visitors (my parents).  It's so nice to have a room for guests now. It was on my list of wants in a new house and it's one I'm glad we ended up with one. Let's face it, everyone likes there own space, and when family and friends take the time to jump on a plane to see us, it's nice to know they're comfortable. Tommy loved having his Grandparents, and WE loved the extra help.

Florida is hot, hot, hot, so we're really enjoying the pool and Mike has been working nonstop renovating his recording studio. It has been a long and tedious project, but should be amazing when it's done. Leopard carpet is being installed as I write this!

Tommy started an art class and is also in swim class twice a week. He has become quite the fish and  I no longer feel nervous about having a pool with a three year old.
What are you up to this weekend? Tommy came down with a fever last night, so we'll just chill with lots of popsicles, Tylenol, and Sesame Street and maybe a quick swim if he's feeling up to it. Enjoy your weekend, and check out these links from around the web.

Now that it's summer, how about a shrimp boil? Looks easy and yummy!
Just washed our duvet and tried THIS duvet cover hack. It works!
NEVER been a minivan type of girl. THIS is my next "mom car."
My new fav BLUSH Inexpensive, pretty and perfect!
Just finished watching the Netflix series Bloodline. Sooooooo amazing!
Reading THIS!

Have a nice weekend...

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Flying, Funerals and Family

Mike lost his Father a few weeks ago, so we headed to Wisconsin for the funeral.
It was Tommy's first time flying, (he's three) so we really didn't know what to expect.
Pre-Tommy, Mike and I were usually the passengers on a flight with that annoying, screaming, and kicking kid behind us. You know the one I mean! We couldn't get over how rude parents were, to let their kids just go wild on an airplane, so we decided if we ever had our own children, we would wait to fly with them and practice, practice, practice. Practicing entails Mike and Tommy sitting on the couch STILL with a belt wrapped around them for an extended period of time. Good idea right? He was also told ahead of time that we do not kick the seat in front of us or scream. Your welcome passengers!
So the day came and he was excited and ready. We entered the airplane and headed to our seats. Click went the seat belts and we were on our way.
This picture captures that special "first flight" moment.

And then, the fun began! Air vents and lights are apparently fun, fun, fun!

And sleep? There is NO SLEEP when Tommy's in tow!

Tommy managed to spill my coffee, and stuck rubber dinosaurs up Mike's nose while he slept. He was bored and his ears hurt, which is why he was allowed to have the "paci," and he almost went crazy with his tray table going up down, up down, up down. I say "almost," because we as parents said,"NO!" Can you imagine? I'm sure he'll be scarred for life (insert sarcasm here). We finally arrived and headed to baggage and this happened!

Can you imagine?
The nerve of him sleeping when we got to baggage, the nerve!
But- we made it, and I will say this.... Tommy did NOT bother one other passenger. He only tortured US which is a win win in my book!
The trip was nice. Tommy got to spend time with his Grandma Ginny and was in heaven running around with his five cousins. They flattened pennies on the rail road tracks, and fed Chester the bunny, and we even managed to take a trip to the Milwaukee Zoo.
The day of the funeral we said our final goodbyes to Mike's Father, and as sad as it is that he's gone, he brought us all together again. It's funny how funerals do that isn't it?
 Life is good, and Wisconsin was beautiful.
~RIP Don Mechelke~

Monday, April 25, 2016

Our Move-PART 7 and Scarlett Johansson

That's us. See us? 
Hi Everyone! 
Hope you had a nice weekend. 
Thank you for your response to the cactus debate. Three of the cacti have found a place outside, near our side entrance. They were the most pointy of the 6, and since cacti are great (outside) placed near doors for protection, that is where I thought they should be. I kept the three more rounded cacti and I am loving them inside.
Now on to PART 7! Obviously we made it, and things have been going really well. It's amazing how just a change in your surroundings can have such a positive impact on your life. It just feels fresh, new, and happy here. 
Since arriving in our new crib, Michael has been working NONSTOP. He had to make a sort of makeshift studio before he can renovate, because of all the work that has come in. It's seriously crazy! Some would say coincidence, but not me. I don't believe in coincidences. 
Here he is in his new studio. I love how I can see (and not hear) him from the family room of this house.

We've met most of the neighbors who have made a point to either knock on the door, or walk over when they see us outside, just to welcome us and introduce themselves. Michael said,"Are we in Pleasantville?!" It's the kind of neighborhood where kids are riding their bikes and  families are out taking walks. People walk in the middle of the street here, and smile and wave as you pass by and not in a creepy way but in a how it used to be in the 70's when  was growing up. Know what I mean? It's just nice. 
We STILL aren't unpacked but these things take time right? 
Ok, now here's the BEST PART OF ALL! Turns out Scarlett Johansson lived here! YES, right here in THIS very home when she was a kid. Mike met our neighbor across the street who has lived in his house for 35 years and says she and her family lived here! What?! Okay, my life is complete. We find out little things about this house everyday, and that one takes the cake!
What are you up to this week? Mike's mom is coming to visit tomorrow, so we are getting ready for that.
Have a sweet week!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Cactus Dilemma

Photo: Lea Andrew
Yesterday I took Tommy to a cactus farm, because I love some good cactus decor!
 It was kind of in the middle of nowhere off a dirt road, and I'm not gonna lie, at first I felt a little weary driving down that desolate dirt road being a young woman with a three year old, but I had Mike's big "don't F with me" pickup truck so I threw caution to the wind and decided to continue. When we arrived there were many cars in the dirt lot and my little voice told me it was safe. 
We hopped out of the car and into cactus heaven! This place was beautiful! One greenhouse after another FULL of different types of cactus and succulents. Upon entrance you received a map with a price list and ruler because the price depended on the size of the pot. It was a bit overwhelming and HOT, and Tommy got pricked a few times even though I said,"Don't touch," but we chose 6 different cacti and were on our way.
When I got home I was so excited to start my cactus decor. I hopped onto the internet to check out a few of my favorite cactus decor ideas but also came across several articles about a superstition that cactus inside the home can cause BAD LUCK! What?!!!!!! Really? Has anyone ever heard of this? I now have six beautiful new cacti that I feel weary of placing around our new house. I know, stupid right? But there are also several cultural contradictions. 
For example the Chinese believe that you should never place a cactus near or around the front door, because the sharp edges block fresh and life giving energy from entering into your home. However, the Greeks believe that every entryway should have a large cactus to ward off the "evil eye" from the property. What to do, what to do? 
I'm a strong believer that you can "WILL" anything to happen, so for now I'm going to enjoy my cacti and try not to think too much of it. If I notice a strong change in the energy, they will have to go. Simple as that! Have you ever heard of such a thing? I'd love to hear your stories.
In the mean time, check out some of my favorite cactus decor!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Our Move PART-6

Sneak peek of the new master bath.

Hi! Hope you had a nice weekend.
Jake's surgery was a success! He's a bit groggy and uncomfortable, but who isn't after surgery right? Now, where were we? Oh! The move.
Aside from losing two days of packing due to the stomach flu, we were pretty organized, and were ready for our movers. The movers that I had an email, phone call and voice mail confirmation with for an 8 a.m. move Monday morning. 
Monday morning 8 a.m. arrives, but the movers don't arrive. By 9 a.m. I'm a little worried, so I call and I'm told my appointment is for 11 a.m. What?! Now let me give you some background here. It WAS originally scheduled for 11 a.m. but I had changed the time to 8 a.m. one week prior because Mike had his ONLY gig of the month that night and I didn't want to cut it close. That's right, his ONLY gig was the night of our move. 
Anyway, the guy who I scheduled, and confirmed the move with, tells me that I MAY have
 changed the time but he doesn't remember so he has no movers for me. What? I have TWO closings tomorrow and have to be out of this house! He transfers me... OF COURSE! The next guy (Charles) is basically blaming me and says he will have someone there when he can. I say that I feel I should be compensated in some way. His answer, (very rudely) is that he will discount me 1/2 hour! Really? 11 a.m. (my so called appt. time) came and went. What was their excuse now? I'm in full panic mode, so I make Mike call, because after all it's STILL (unfortunately) a man's world so maybe they'll listen to him! They assure him they will get a crew there soon. They call back to inform me they finally find a crew but their moving truck broke down so they will be arriving in a Budget rental truck. Really? I mean could I make this stuff up? Mike got nervous and asked me if this was in fact a legit company. They FINALLY arrive at 2:30 p.m. 3 1/2 hours past my so called correct moving time but who's counting? Mike has to leave by 5 p.m. The truck looks small, but I am assured they can fit everything. Now, the movers are pretty good. Fast! but they can't fit it all on the truck. What?! Poor Mike runs to his gig while Tommy and I pack as much as we can into my car then head to a hotel. As I'm leaving my house I'm feeling overwhelmed and scared. There is just so much left! Mike has to run to his gig, and then stays up ALL NIGHT bringing truck loads to a storage unit we thankfully rented for valuables! He stayed up 24 hours and had two closing the next day. The man is AMAZING! Yes AMAZING which is a word I rarely use because it's completely overused and for something to be truly AMAZING is unusual. But there you have it, he was AMAZING!
Two closing the next day and then the movers HOPEFULLY show up to deliver our stuff to the new house. Did they arrive?
Stay tuned!