Murphy Bear Andrew

Introducing...... Murphy Bear Andrew! 
I mean, is this a stuffed animal, or is this our dog?! 
Murphy came to us quite unexpectedly really. I had been missing Jake so much, that I would scan rescue sights nonstop looking for my next dog, but just couldn't seem to find what I was looking for.
For starters, I need a small dog because I don't believe in kenneling dogs, so I travel with mine, but when I would find a small pup that I was interested in, I would then read that they would not adopt to a family with a child under 8 or 10. I mean really? And they actually come to your home to check. Now, I think the rescues are amazing, and like I said I was totally willing to rescue but having a small child kept me from doing so. 
I kept looking and kept looking but couldn't seem to find MY dog, so one night I prayed to Jake. I said that I wanted him to send me a dog when it was time. I told him it didn't matter how but I would know if a dog appeared it would mean HE sent it to me.
Fast forward to now. 

About a week ago I saw that I had a text from my beautiful friend Kristi, and couldn't believe my eyes. There in the text was a picture of the cutest little face I'd ever seen! It was Murphy and her text read,"Are you interested in this dog?" She had found him and already having two dogs her husband said no to a third dog!
The important part of this story is that Kristi didn't know I was actively looking for a dog!  I could NOT believe it! I said yes, yes, yes I want him! 

She sent me the sellers number and I sent a text letting her know I wanted him, and she sent a text back saying that unfortunately she had been speaking with another family who had JUST committed to him. I thought, okay not meant to be. I told her I understood but to let me know if anything fell through. Not much later she texted back saying I could have him because she just didn't have a good feeling about the family. So the rest is history!

Now, truthfully, Mike was less than enthused about having a new dog, but I think he's adjusted.

And Tommy seems to like him too!

I mean how could you not love that face?!

He has a TON of energy that's for sure, but he's already a smart boy with his house training and he's only 9 weeks old. It's been a while since I've had a puppy, so I'm a bit exhausted, but he is well worth it!

Thank you to my friend Kristi, and of course my buddy Jake for making this happen.
I truly believe Murphy is meant to be, and although he will NEVER replace Jake, I have a feeling he's going to be the perfect new addition to our family!
Thanks for reading.


pupbutt said...

LOVE this!!! Congrats & kiss dat baby for me!!!

Ellen T. said...

Ohhhh, that is the best story. Truly, Jake has sent his brother to you. I am so happy for all of you! Congrats on your beautiful baby!