Five Things

Today is not TGIF for me. I work all weekend, but can't complain. I love my job, and above is a perfect example of why. 
One of my kids from "Singing in the Rain" brought me this awesome Easter Basket packed with Bath & Body products! So sweet. 
My week was spent working and organizing my house. I had 6 large bags picked up for charity, and that really made me feel good. Both about cleaning out the clutter and helping someone else. 

Even though I'm not Jewish, I look forward to Passover every year because the grocery store shelves are stocked with Streit's Coconut Macaroons! They are to die for! Go out and get some, because as soon as Passover is over, they disappear! They also make Almond, chocolate chip, and chocolate flavored.

A new Honeysuckle candle on my desk has my office smelling like spring all day!

My new simple cobalt blue dress from ZARA is perfect for summer. This is the back. I love that gold zipper! Can't wait to wear it!

I've been curious about Suave's new KERATIN INFUSION line ever since I saw that Nicole Richie was promoting it. Nicole doesn't seem like the kind of girl who would promote something she doesn't believe in so I thought for $3.49 I'd give it a shot.
Guess what?! This stuff really works! 
My hair feels like silk, and I'm running out to get the shampoo asap! 

Have a great weekend everyone!


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Coconut macaroons are my fave!

Bravoe Runway said...

Oh wow....6 bags of donated goods? I need to clean out my closet bad!

Nicole Marie said...

such a pretty dress!!