All You Need

AGREED! I love this quote and I ADORE by buddy Jake! Want to be loved unconditionally? Get a dog! Research has shown that living with a dog or any pet provides certain health benefits. Pets can help lower blood pressure, lesson anxiety and aid in depression. They even boost your immunity!
But PLEASE (DON'T) if you can't take care of it! Dogs are a huge commitment. If you love to travel, or work long hours, a dog probably isn't for you.
I say this, because I have known too many people who wanted a cute little friend and then decided they didn't want to put in the time to train the dog and eventually got rid of it! I honestly can't think of anything more cruel! Another thing that drives me nuts? People who have kids and then decide they can no longer care for their dog. LAME!
Trust me. When I first got Jake I was like,"Oh god. What did I do?" He wasn't trained, and living in NYC and walking a dog 3 times a day or more in rain, sleet or snow was NOT my idea of a good time. But dogs LIVE to please you, and he eventually got the potty training thing down, and the joy he brings to my life is well worth all of that work. He's part of our family and I couldn't imagine life without Jake. So if you think you can handle it....... PLEASE get a dog! There really is nothing better for the soul, and the pure LOVE and excitement that greets you every time you walk through that door is well worth it! And THAT'S my Wednesday wisdom. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Lucent Imagery said...

Hear hear! I agree with you. I get upset by people who don't take responsibility for their dog and put in the time and care needed (and then wonder why their dog is so misbehaved!). Ah yes, there is something so precious about the love from a dog. The total commitment to you. My dog watches out for me all the time. If I drop something he comes to check on me. He taught himself a few things just to look after me. It's so adorable. Sending you a hug and Jake a belly scratch. I want to play with his facial hair, it's so cool! By the way, I think you're a beautiful person for pushing through the training challenges to raise a happy content dog and household.

LV said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I could not agree with you more. Great message.
I miss having a dog.