Organizing SECRET WEAPON #1

Photo Lea Andrew

I've received several requests for blog entries on organizing! Being that I am OCD about organizing, I thought I could probably share a few tips. SECRET WEAPON #1- Real Simple slimline hangers. That's right! Get rid of all of those bendable plastic hangers that all your clothes fall off! The wood are great for suits and coats, but take up space, and I won't even mention "wire hangers!"

Real Simple slim-line hangers are a must in my closet! The ultra-slim design completely maximizes closet space. Each hanger has a velvet coating so clothes won't slip off, built in hooks, and an accessory bar for belts, scarves or ties. I love how I can hang particular belts with an outfit. I'll even hang a piece of jewelry I might wear with the outfit. Trust me, these hangers are fabulous!

You can get a set of 50 slimline hangers for $29.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond. They come in black, stone, and blue. I use black. You can look high and low, but this is the BEST price I've seen for these hangers.  Make these hangers step one of your closet makeover. Happy organizing!


Mara Shorr said...

Love it! My "hate to throw things out" tip: Dry cleaners or a local seamstress are always happy to take the wire hangers off your hand! I always put mine back in the bag that's set to go to the dry cleaners already so I don't forget :)

Lea said...

Mara! Yes! PERFECT tip for those wire hangers! Thank you, thank you. ( :

All Glam Things said...

Great Tips!! I should get one of those!



Suz said...

My clothes are always sliding off the hooks and I never have a good solution for adding accessories - these look really great.
Now, I just need to buy a whole bunch the next time I come home to the US and haul them back to Italy in my suitcase. =)