Friday + LINKS

Happy Friday!
What are you up to this weekend? I feel like time is just flying by as we approach the first day of school. We only have 10 more days to pack it all in! Tommy is anxious, but got a home visit from his new Kindergarten teacher yesterday, which hopefully will help with the transition. It was so sweet and something ALL schools should think about doing. This weekend we have plans with good friends, old and new, and of course we'll get in plenty of pool time. It's HOT out there! 
Hope you enjoy your weekend!

-After reading this article on CNN I am seriously thinking of doing this 1 month detox.

-These chicken meal prep recipes look amazing!

-To all parents out there! I just restarted this book very eye opening book. Check it out.

-Definitely making this yummy salad this weekend!

-My new favorite dry shampoo! It adds volume AND covers my roots in-between coloring!

-Anxiously awaiting season two of our new favorite show!

-Interesting proof we are all searching for the same thing!

Thanks for reading!

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