Here We Go! Kitchen renovation

Our kitchen renovation has officially begun and we are so excited! I cannot wait to have a new kitchen, because the kitchen is the ❤️ of the house. 

When we bought this house almost 2 years ago, we knew it needed some updating, but the "bones" of the house were great so we went for it. 
There were two things that were on the top of my priority list. #1 the house needed to be painted, and #2 the kitchen needed a MAJOR renovation! We painted the house last year, a dark gray with white trim, and now the kitchen is underway. 
The renovation will include new flooring, cabinets, counter tops, all new appliances, and a few small walls coming down. It will be a little stressful (the dog) and inconvenient living in the house while the renovation is happening, but we turned our guest bath into a little kitchen and we'll make do. We found an amazing contractor and I have total confidence that it will be done in a timely manner and well worth it! 

We're going for a mostly all white kitchen, but I'm still going back and forth on the counter tops, because all white can be too white. So we'll see. Let's start from the ground up.

We chose a light porcelain wood tile for the floor, and chose a herringbone pattern. 
A good friend of mine did her whole house in this pattern and it looks beautiful, and will add some pizazz against the simple cabinetry, back splash and counter tops
Next are the cabinets. We chose a white shaker cabinet and will decide on the pulls and knobs later. The one thing I told the cabinet designer was that I wanted lots of drawers. No more bending down trying to see what's in the back of the cabinet.

Back splash? A simple white subway tile. We went back and fourth on the grout color. White grout or gray grout? After some thought we decided to stick with white. Gray is great because it will never look dirty but brings more of an industrial look that we aren't going for.

Now here's where it gets tricky. The counter tops. We know we want quartz and I was leaning towards the white, but as much as I like white, will it be too white? The contrast of a  rich black counter top might look cool too. So that's my dilemma. We are headed to the slab yard sometime today or tomorrow. Here are pics of both options. What do you think? Help me decide!


or white...

Help! What do you think?  Our contractor says the renovation should take a couple weeks, so I will definitely be back with a before and after post!
Have a great week, and thanks for your help!


Courtney Flores said...


BMWcustomernot said...

Black looks beautiful, but I put black countertops in both my kitchen and bathrooms and have been sorry ever since. Dust shows up immediately and even when you think you have cleaned off the countertops, when the sun shines on them you immediately see what a bad job you did.

Sally Mitchell

Steve said...

Your making a bold statement with all white....go for it all the way baby and don't look back.

Keisa said...

Go with White ;)

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