Every morning I take full advantage of the drop off line at Tommy's school. 
I pull up, no makeup, coffee in hand, while a teacher comes to my car, unstraps Tommy from his car seat and walks him straight to his classroom. Amazing right? I know!
Anyway, while getting him out, a few different teachers have nonchalantly made the comment that he's always smiling, or always happy, and although nice, I never really thought anything of it. 

Well, the other morning his assistant teacher came to get him out of the car and she said to me,"You know, Tommy is the HAPPIEST boy I know!" I said,"Awe, thank you! That's a good thing right?" "Yes it is," she said. I stared at them for a moment as they walked away, and before I drove off had my own little moment of happiness.
That teacher has no idea what those words meant to me, because isn't that the secret to life? Happiness? And isn't that what we all want for our children?

As a parent you can easily get caught up in just about everything. Is my child doing well in school? Are we too strict with him? Is he coloring in the lines? Is he good enough at sports? How is his speech? Is he doing everything a normal 4 year old is doing? 
And, I see it around me all the time. The pressure that children endure.

So the point of my post, is that as parents, we all need to remember that happiness is the #1 most important thing. 
  A happy person will embrace life and achieve whatever it is they set out to do. A happy person will have healthy relationships, and treat people with kindness and respect, and most importantly a happy person will treat themselves with kindness and respect. 
I'm proud of Mike and I for what we have done as parents so far, and although I know the tides can turn at any moment, I will try my hardest to make happiness the main focus.

Have a great week and thanks for reading....

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