1st Day of Pre K!

There he is! First day of Pre K! 
I am so proud of this little man and thrilled with the school we have chosen for him. He is MORE than ready for school and so excited! He's been asking all week,"Is TODAY my first day of school?"  We found out during orientation that he would be the FIRST to do "show and tell" since his last name starts with an "A," and he couldn't be more thrilled!
Most kids have been in school long before the age of 4 but we chose to keep Tommy home with us until Pre K. We made sure to keep him well socialized with playdates, music classes, art classes and gym classes, but other than that he was with us learning his letters, playing with his toys and learning instruments with his Dad.
There were times I would question if this was the right decision because people put their kids in school so early now, and as a parent you can get swept up in what everyone else is doing, but I would remind myself that this is what most families used to do!
So he's been with US, and it's not always been easy, believe me. Parenting is no joke! There were many days that I wished I could drop him off at some school and head to work, but I'm happy I didn't. I'm happy we had that time with him.
And this morning after seeing him confidently walk into his new classroom with the BIGGEST smile on his face, I KNOW we made the right decision.
I feel at  peace.

Thanks for reading! 💙

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