The Christmas Wait

We've done all the pre-Christmas prep. The tree is up, the stockings are hung, and the cookies are baked. Tommy has two advent calendars. One with waxy chocolates and one that his dad made him with little surprises inside, so he's counting down the days until Santa comes down the chimney. This is a fun age. He's JUST turned four, and is really getting into the spirit. I put up a wreath last night because he informed me that we needed a circle on the front door. Kid doesn't miss a beat!
"Jimmy the elf" reminds him to be good, and it works about half the time. He's already a bit skeptical about Jimmy. He doesn't really know what to think, but he cautiously goes along with the game. 
Home Alone has been on our TV every day for the past week, and he thinks he's Kevin McCallister and I must say, he's not far from it. He's informed me that he NEEDS to have hot chocolate on Christmas morning and we should have coffee. I can make that happen.  He's obsessed with Nutcrackers and has his own little collection that he keeps in a box under the tree. So cute! He says we need snow, and he's right about that. Maybe next year we can make that happen, but this year we'll have our first Christmas in the new house, where Grandma will be visiting to escape the show! She arrives tomorrow. 
So now we wait.
and wait,
and wait!
Are you ready for Santa to arrive?
Have a great week everyone.... 🎄

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