Santa's Christmas Tree Forest

Christmas Tree shopping where I'm from involves snow, and a ride out to the country where you cut down your own tree. That's right, just like the Griswolds! 
In Florida, that's not the case. It's hot, and you can grab one in front of Publix Grocery, Home Depot, or various tents with pre-cut trees. Or people have fake trees. Totally lame!  
Last year I discovered a place called Santa's Christmas Tree forest. It's about a 45 minute ride from us, but you get the whole "Northern" experience. It's a farm in what feels like the middle of nowhere complete with a petting zoo, pony rides, a huge bouncy pillow, zip line, and even a campfire where you can make s'mores, and to top it off, you can cut down your own tree! That's what we decided to do, so we threw on our flannels, (because you have to look the part), and headed out!

The bounce pillow is Tommy's favorite, especially if there are girls on it! He's VERY girl crazy. He spent most of the day on the bouncy pillow!

Who can resist a white horse with antlers? Who?!

We ended the day on the hayride, where you are taken through the Christmas tree forest, but the driver let us in on a little secret. Florida trees are too soft to hold ornaments, and don't have that pine tree smell! Can you believe that?! So -we ended up choosing one of their pre-cut tree's. You choose your tree and they load it up onto your car for you and the prices are great, and guess what? 
We ended up with the PERFECT tree!
I would highly recommend Santa's Christmas Tree Forest. It's a little piece of heaven right here in Florida.
Happy Holidays!

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