An Andrew Christmas

How was your Christmas? Ours was nice. Gramma Ginny joined us this year and it was our first Christmas in the new house. Tommy is at that magical age (4) which is just so much fun. Ahhhh, the excitement! 
It was just the four of us so we made a turkey (Mike doesn't eat red meat), a big vegetable platter, stuffing, and cranberry and finished it off with a red velvet cake that Tommy helped make. Oh and Martini's. Lots! 

Mike got this ski mask with a beard attached. He's ALWAYS cold. Thought it would be a good/funny stocking stuffer. Great for cold weather, AND to rob a bank! 

We now have a robot monkey in the house thanks to gramma. The toys they make now? Incredible!

Trader Joe's makes a cinnamon bun wreath for the holidays that I was SO excited to bring out for Christmas morning. Side note- you are supposed to let it sit out over night to rise for 8 hours. I didn't read the box and just baked it. It was still good though! Flat, but good!

And the sweetest part of Christmas? 
Mike was in charge of Tommy's advent calendar this year. He made 24 individual boxes with different pictures displayed outside Tommy's room on shelves. It TOTALLY put my last years advent to shame. When Tommy looks back on Christmas someday, I hope the advent calendars are what he remembers the most. You just can't buy something that special. Toys come and go, but family traditions live on and on....

Wishing everyone a happy and blessed 2017.
Stay tuned for my New Years resolution post. You know, the resolutions that I rarely keep!

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