2017 Resolutions

It's time for those New Years resolutions friends!
I was looking back on a few of my past resolution posts to see how well I stuck to them,  and....well.....most I didn't! 
They all have the same general theme. You know, to eat better, read more, less TV, blah, blah, blah and what I am realizing more and more, is that unless you're in the right mindset, you won't accomplish ANY of them.
I've always been into new age/spiritual/self-help/motivational books. I've read them all, and when I say I've read them all,  I mean it! I've never been to a therapist. They ARE my therapist. I have a whole library of those books, and although I have my favorites, they all say the same thing.
Live in the Moment, 
Live Authentically, 
and everything in your life you have created through the Law of Attraction. 

Now,  I'm no spiritual guru, but I try, and when I regularly read these books, my life is just a little bit better. A little bit "brighter." I'm more conscious of how I live my life, treat other people and most importantly treat myself. They remind me to set goals and to have gratitude.
They center my soul....

So, my New Years resolution for 2017 is to get back to those books, and if I try my best,  LIFE will take care of itself.

Have a blessed 2017 everyone, and be safe!

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