Fall has FINALLY arrived here in Florida and I am in Heaven!
Is it a fluke? I don't know, but this past week the humidity left us and it's been chilly willy.
 Fall is something I miss most from living up north. They can have the winters, but the crisp Fall with it's colorful leaves, pumpkins, hot cider, sweaters, boots and good hair days has always been my favorite.
My parents are in town, and we've been sitting around the fire pit at night enjoying the chilliness, because there's no telling how long it will last. Tommy learned how to make a s'more, (check that off the list), and he's been making them every night since. It's a rite of passage don't you think? Everyone should know how to make a s'more.

We visited the pumpkin patch, and held bunnies and goats, and Tommy rode a horse. Not a pony, but a big boy horse, and my brave boy even zip lined! There I was signing away his life so he could do so, but who am I to tell him he can't live life to the fullest right?
Mike has been busy decorating the house for the kids and hopefully they won't be too scared of the larger than life sized Frankenstein who will greet them at the door.
We put together a "Haunted Gingerbread House" (see below) and it collapsed a few times in the making, but it's standing strong! Tommy really just cared about eating the candy. Note to self- just throw the kid a couple candy corns, sprinkles and a spoonful of icing,  and save yourself the aggravation!
Tommy is ready to be a ghost (he's obsessed with spooky ghosts right now) and informed me that the perfect costume for me would be a witch. But of course!
 Now, the only thing left to do is carve pumpkins. Ahhhh, the pumpkin carving. Love it when it's done but could do without the cleaning out part.
Thought of a GREAT idea a few years back. They should sell pumpkins already cleaned out. Now there's an idea! Pick your pumpkin and for an extra five bucks they'll carve it out for you. Brilliant! Now go make yourself rich with that idea. Your welcome.
Have a great weekend friends, and Happy Halloween!

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