There are many firsts in life, and this past week Tommy had two of them. 
Mike has been bugging me to get Tommy a haircut for years and although I've taken the scissors to his hair, he had never been to a real salon. So, last week I told Tommy we were getting up, getting dressed and heading to "Pigtails and crew cuts" to get a big boy haircut and if he was good, we would then head to a real movie theatre (another first) to see Storks. Have you seen it? It's great! 
Well, the kid was thrilled, so that's what we did. He was such a brave boy as he hopped into a little  firetruck smiling from ear to ear. I should preface this by saying that the kid isn't afraid of anything. I mean, nothing! I hope he can manage to hold on to that fearlessness. Fearlessness with a bit of caution thrown in there of course!
Back to the haircut though. Once his hair was cut, there in front of me was a sweet faced little boy. Yes, not a baby anymore but a little boy! I couldn't believe my eyes!
And ,although I realized that this was the exact reason I had avoided the haircut in the first place, seeing him sitting there so proud just warmed my heart.
He looked like a little 50's heartthrob. Just like a mini James Dean and I thought....... I should have done this long ago!
Movie theatre popcorn was a hit. He ate the entire medium sized bag! 
And pizza. Who doesn't love pizza?!

And Dad! Who doesn't love Dad! ❤️ And Dad LOVES his new haircut!

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