Weekend LINKS

What are you up to this weekend?
 We are laying low because Tommy came down with a cold and cough,  but running around like crazy at the same time.  My parents are back in town house hunting, and Mike is working feverishly around the clock preparing for his biggest and most important event of the year, Kids Beating Cancer.  I desperately need a dress altered for it (the theme is James Bond), so I'm hoping to squeeze that in, in the morning. Wish me luck, and check out these links!

I got myself a spiralizer and can't wait to make this delicious looking recipe!
Can you believe this? Do you even care? I sure believe it. NOTHING formed out of deception ever lasts forever.
This lip liner is my new favorite. I bought 4 so I don't run out!
I'm sure you've seen Making A Murderer, but I cannot wait to see THIS new Netflix documentary! 
And this new Blake Lively thriller! I'm always up for a good shark movie. You can rent on the 27th!
I'm a purse-a-holic, and this is my next!

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