Vero Beach 2016

We just took our annual vacation to Vero Beach, and what can I say? It was glorious! 
My parents joined us this time, and my mom was worried because the weather report predicted rain, but I assured her that Florida weather is unpredictable, and luckily it was. 
We had sunshine and blue skies the whole time with a bit of overcast skies here and there and one late afternoon/night of rain. It was perfect!
What did we do? We did what we do every year. Nothing! 
We stay at The Vero Beach Hotel and Spa the whole time and relax, relax, relax. We swim, we eat (a lot), drink and walk the beach. It's all about recharging, and that's just what we did. The hotel has a great restaurant where we meet each morning for breakfast, a nice happy hour by the pool, and even a wine hour each night with different wines and flat bread, all complimentary.
This year we flew a rainbow flag with help from my dad, and Tommy loved collecting shells, swimming in the ocean even though he said it was too salty, and making and demolishing sandcastles with his dad. Mike and I were also able to have a nice dinner out, thanks to my parents who watched Tommy.  
Tommy asked if we could stay for 100 days and if we could we would. We love it here and will be back next year for more.
So, now we're home and my parents are headed to Key West to extend their vacation and visit a few friends along the way.  
As I flip through pictures and look out the window,  I can see a storm is brewing, and I can't wait! Mother Nature was on our side during our whole vacation and I'm so thankful, and anyway, there's really no place like home during a storm right? 
Enjoy the pics and have a nice rest of the week....

I just LOVE this picture of Tommy washing off his sandy feet while my dad approaches in the background. Picture perfect!

My mom hates having her picture taken, but I couldn't resist this shot of her relaxing in the pool on our last day. Hope you like it mom!
Bye Vero Beach! Until next time...

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