This Guy!

This guy is 3 1/2, ALMOST 4! 
 I haven't done a post on him in such a long time, and I'm trying to document these things, and there is just so much to say, so I'm sorry but here goes! 
This picture of Tommy strumming a guitar behind some warehouse in his Batman shoes couldn't be  more accurate. He's an entertainer through and through, and already puts on shows for us and anyone else who comes to the house. He plays instruments, acts out scenes from Sesame Street and is big into costumes. Song choices include Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Eye of The Tiger. It's a toss up! It's in the blood as they say, and I would be pretty shocked if he didn't follow in his parents footsteps. There's a part of me that loves this, and a part of me that was kind of wishing he'd find something more stable, but there really is no business like show business, so the show must go on!

Favorite Color-Red
Drink-Strawberry milkshakes
Left or right handed-Jury's still out on that one.  

He's either my sweet sensitive little buddy who loves to cuddle or he's Tommy the terror, a little dictator riding his scooter through the house screaming at the top of his lungs! He's social yet independent and has confidence like you've never seen. I'm really hoping he can maintain that you know? Hoping he'll get right back up when life knocks him down. 
I asked him one day if he wanted me to teach him to spell his name and he said, "T-O-M-M-Y!" Checked that one off the list. He can tell you his address, knows his left from right, his colors and the order of the rainbow. The other day at dinner he informed us that a dodecahedron is a 12 sided shape. What? Did you know that? Me neither! Oh, and he learned that watching TV, so anyone who says TV is bad for kids is just wrong!
He dreams now, which he calls 'stories" and I get to hear about them when he wakes up. He's and excellent swimmer, and is totally potty trained with ZERO accidents which I'm discovering is kind of rare. So thank you God for that!
 He LIVES for Shake Shack, ice-cream with whipped cream and sprinkles, and his own cart at Trader Joe's. He loves to help me cook which will be a bonus for his future wife because who doesn't like a man who can cook right? He still naps 2 hours a day (thank you God again) and is an excellent sleeper.  He's had one imaginary friend "Jimmy" who stuck around for about a week but that was pretty short lived. and lastly, he's really good at pointing out, any zit, nose hair, mole, scar, excess fat, whatever. 
Honest? Yes.
 Embarrassing? Absolutely! 
I think that's about it! Anyone want him? No way! We love this kid! 
Thanks for reading! ❤️

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