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LOVE this pic. Mike eating his breakfast in bed on Father's Day, while Tommy reads him a book. Priceless!
Happy Friday everyone! It's been a while, I know! 

How have YOU been? All is well here. We are still loving our new house, and had our first visitors (my parents).  It's so nice to have a room for guests now. It was on my list of wants in a new house and it's one I'm glad we ended up with one. Let's face it, everyone likes there own space, and when family and friends take the time to jump on a plane to see us, it's nice to know they're comfortable. Tommy loved having his Grandparents, and WE loved the extra help.

Florida is hot, hot, hot, so we're really enjoying the pool and Mike has been working nonstop renovating his recording studio. It has been a long and tedious project, but should be amazing when it's done. Leopard carpet is being installed as I write this!

Tommy started an art class and is also in swim class twice a week. He has become quite the fish and  I no longer feel nervous about having a pool with a three year old.
What are you up to this weekend? Tommy came down with a fever last night, so we'll just chill with lots of popsicles, Tylenol, and Sesame Street and maybe a quick swim if he's feeling up to it. Enjoy your weekend, and check out these links from around the web.

Now that it's summer, how about a shrimp boil? Looks easy and yummy!
Just washed our duvet and tried THIS duvet cover hack. It works!
NEVER been a minivan type of girl. THIS is my next "mom car."
My new fav BLUSH Inexpensive, pretty and perfect!
Just finished watching the Netflix series Bloodline. Sooooooo amazing!
Reading THIS!

Have a nice weekend...

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