Flying, Funerals and Family

Mike lost his Father a few weeks ago, so we headed to Wisconsin for the funeral.
It was Tommy's first time flying, (he's three) so we really didn't know what to expect.
Pre-Tommy, Mike and I were usually the passengers on a flight with that annoying, screaming, and kicking kid behind us. You know the one I mean! We couldn't get over how rude parents were, to let their kids just go wild on an airplane, so we decided if we ever had our own children, we would wait to fly with them and practice, practice, practice. Practicing entails Mike and Tommy sitting on the couch STILL with a belt wrapped around them for an extended period of time. Good idea right? He was also told ahead of time that we do not kick the seat in front of us or scream. Your welcome passengers!
So the day came and he was excited and ready. We entered the airplane and headed to our seats. Click went the seat belts and we were on our way.
This picture captures that special "first flight" moment.

And then, the fun began! Air vents and lights are apparently fun, fun, fun!

And sleep? There is NO SLEEP when Tommy's in tow!

Tommy managed to spill my coffee, and stuck rubber dinosaurs up Mike's nose while he slept. He was bored and his ears hurt, which is why he was allowed to have the "paci," and he almost went crazy with his tray table going up down, up down, up down. I say "almost," because we as parents said,"NO!" Can you imagine? I'm sure he'll be scarred for life (insert sarcasm here). We finally arrived and headed to baggage and this happened!

Can you imagine?
The nerve of him sleeping when we got to baggage, the nerve!
But- we made it, and I will say this.... Tommy did NOT bother one other passenger. He only tortured US which is a win win in my book!
The trip was nice. Tommy got to spend time with his Grandma Ginny and was in heaven running around with his five cousins. They flattened pennies on the rail road tracks, and fed Chester the bunny, and we even managed to take a trip to the Milwaukee Zoo.
The day of the funeral we said our final goodbyes to Mike's Father, and as sad as it is that he's gone, he brought us all together again. It's funny how funerals do that isn't it?
 Life is good, and Wisconsin was beautiful.
~RIP Don Mechelke~

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