Our Move PART-6

Sneak peek of the new master bath.

Hi! Hope you had a nice weekend.
Jake's surgery was a success! He's a bit groggy and uncomfortable, but who isn't after surgery right? Now, where were we? Oh! The move.
Aside from losing two days of packing due to the stomach flu, we were pretty organized, and were ready for our movers. The movers that I had an email, phone call and voice mail confirmation with for an 8 a.m. move Monday morning. 
Monday morning 8 a.m. arrives, but the movers don't arrive. By 9 a.m. I'm a little worried, so I call and I'm told my appointment is for 11 a.m. What?! Now let me give you some background here. It WAS originally scheduled for 11 a.m. but I had changed the time to 8 a.m. one week prior because Mike had his ONLY gig of the month that night and I didn't want to cut it close. That's right, his ONLY gig was the night of our move. 
Anyway, the guy who I scheduled, and confirmed the move with, tells me that I MAY have
 changed the time but he doesn't remember so he has no movers for me. What? I have TWO closings tomorrow and have to be out of this house! He transfers me... OF COURSE! The next guy (Charles) is basically blaming me and says he will have someone there when he can. I say that I feel I should be compensated in some way. His answer, (very rudely) is that he will discount me 1/2 hour! Really? 11 a.m. (my so called appt. time) came and went. What was their excuse now? I'm in full panic mode, so I make Mike call, because after all it's STILL (unfortunately) a man's world so maybe they'll listen to him! They assure him they will get a crew there soon. They call back to inform me they finally find a crew but their moving truck broke down so they will be arriving in a Budget rental truck. Really? I mean could I make this stuff up? Mike got nervous and asked me if this was in fact a legit company. They FINALLY arrive at 2:30 p.m. 3 1/2 hours past my so called correct moving time but who's counting? Mike has to leave by 5 p.m. The truck looks small, but I am assured they can fit everything. Now, the movers are pretty good. Fast! but they can't fit it all on the truck. What?! Poor Mike runs to his gig while Tommy and I pack as much as we can into my car then head to a hotel. As I'm leaving my house I'm feeling overwhelmed and scared. There is just so much left! Mike has to run to his gig, and then stays up ALL NIGHT bringing truck loads to a storage unit we thankfully rented for valuables! He stayed up 24 hours and had two closing the next day. The man is AMAZING! Yes AMAZING which is a word I rarely use because it's completely overused and for something to be truly AMAZING is unusual. But there you have it, he was AMAZING!
Two closing the next day and then the movers HOPEFULLY show up to deliver our stuff to the new house. Did they arrive?
Stay tuned!

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