Our Move PART-5 (Jake)

Hi Everyone,
Gotta take a moment in my "Our Move" series to talk about a very important part of our family. This little guy is Jake and he's a moving pro. He's already moved five times in his short life. He went from Brazil (yes Brazil) to two apartments in NYC and now to his second home in Florida. He's a little trooper and he's my faithful companion who follows me around everywhere.
 I was a nervous wreck when the movers were around with the fear he might get stepped on, and wouldn't you know it but I ended up stepping on him! Unfortunately it dislocated his hip so the vet is going to perform surgery on him today. 
Please keep my little buddy in your prayers. Life would not be the same without him, and we look forward to bringing him home later this afternoon.
Thanks in advance, and have a nice weekend.

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