Our Move- PART 2

This is NOT our new house. This is our old house, "Swingerhead Central" to be exact. Isn't it cute? This little Swiss Chalet was a great house for us. Mike lived here 25 years and I lived here 10 years, and boy if these walls could talk! Mike counted one day and figured out that about 43 different people lived here during that time! Mostly musicians and entertainers. People still come up to him talking about the great parties that occurred here. Most of which he wasn't even at!
This house was built in 1926, and had the most wonderful energy,  complete with  a kick "A" recording studio, Polynesian/Tiki kitchen, Moroccan bathroom, full sized palm tree in the master bedroom, wood floors, crown molding and charm galore. 
We loved this house. But, once Tommy came into the picture we knew we had grown out of it, and as much fun and happiness that occurred in this house, this house had also seen it's fair share of sadness. With the death of our daughter, the energy had become stagnant and we knew it needed fresh new buyers to revive it again. So we began our search.

Mikes needs....
-A space for a recording studio and control room
-A shop for his building projects
My needs......
-Better schools
A guest room for all of our out of town family and friends
-A garage
-A pool

Sounds easy right? Well it wasn't! Mike was very attached to Swingerhead Central. He had put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this house and had customized it to his needs. Even so, he knew it was time so we started looking and found a house that we felt would work well and Swingerhead Central was put on the market. Long story short, it took us 7 months to sell our little Swiss Chalet! Not that we didn't have offers, we did, but Floridians are afraid of old homes so it took a particular buyer to appreciate the charm. Everyday, we would pray that those buyers would come, and come in time for us to buy that dream house we found. Well.... we DID find that buyer but 3 days short of buying that dream house and plenty of hiccups along the way!
Stay tuned....

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