Life Lately

Hi Friends! How are you? 
That picture above is the house we're hopefully moving into in two weeks. As I mentioned before we've been trying to sell our house in order to buy our dream house. We FINALLY sold our house, but things kind of worked out differently than we expected. We were three days late in buying that "dream house." we wanted. Yup, THREE DAYS!
Life always seems to have a way of working out though doesn't it? Turns out, not getting that "dream house," has been a blessing. We found a house in the same neighborhood just a few blocks from the other house, which is a bit larger and quite a bit cheaper. Have you seen the movie Boogie Nights? Well we think we may have bought that house! Ha ha! It needs some upgrades, but when you have a husband like mine that's no biggie. Mike can build anything, and this gives us a chance to really make the house our own. The house is within walking distance of the "dream schools" we want for Tommy and is tucked away into the neighborhood like our own little private oasis. It has plenty of room for family and friends to visit and has the pool I was hoping for. Tommy has already picked out his room, Mike is working on creating a new recording studio and I'm thinking about paint colors, flooring and cabinetry! 
In the mean time, we've been running around like crazy packing and trying to get organized to close on both homes April 5th. Eeeeeeek! Exciting and stressful all at the same time. So that's where we've been folks. Get ready for a ton of "before and after" posts. We can't wait to get started on this new adventure in. 
Stay tuned!

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