All You Need Is Love

How was YOUR Valentine's Day?
Mine was nice. I started off the morning with breakfast in bed and a homemade card made by my two guys. Tommy was so excited and sat on the bed staring at me with a big smile while I ate, and our conversation went like this……

TOMMY- "Are you happy Mommy?" 
ME- "YES, I AM happy Tommy!" 
TOMMY- "You like it Mommy?"
ME- "I LOVE it Tommy! and I REALLY love my card."
TOMMY- "Ok……. I love YOU Mommy."

What more could a girl ask for right? The rest of the day we relaxed, and Tommy and I made a red velvet cake while Michael took a much needed nap. Dinner was lobster tails, mashed potatoes and caesar salad. The drink of the night was blood orange martinis made by a great friend and we finished it off with that delicious red velvet cake decorated by Tommy.
It was perfect.
Then off to bed for Tommy while Mike and I watched a few episodes of our favorite show Shameless. Have you seen it? The BEST! Hope your day was full of love.
Here's to a great week!

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