10 Things I Will Teach My Son

I know ALL moms say this, but in the blink of an eye, Tommy has become a little man!
He is my baby no more, and I often think of what he'll be like as a young man.
My dream of course is for him is to meet a beautiful princess, have tons of kids, be happy and healthy and live happily ever after, but in the meantime, it's MY job to teach him a few little things to up his game!
So, here are the top 10 things I think will make Tommy a more well rounded young man, not to mention a total catch!
Your welcome future daughter in law!


1. How to make a great cup of coffee
2. How to do a load of laundry (whites, lights and darks)
3. How to open a bottle of champagne (safely) AND a bottle of wine
4. How to put the toilet seat DOWN
5. How to drive a stick shift
6. How to cook a few great meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
7. How to reconcile his bank account and save money
8. How to make a drink, just for her ( ;
9. How to tie a regular, and a bow tie (Mike's job)
10. How to build a nice roaring fire

There you have it! Anything YOU would add to the list?
Happy Friday!

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Cathy O'Connell said...

How to be a gentle man.