When Nature Calls, and LINKS

I cannot believe it's already Friday! 
Things have been nonstop around here. An open house, showings, and the dreaded potty training. We are working hard and Tommy is a trooper! Started off like he'd been doing this his whole life. M&M's, stickers, and the occasional toy prize have been huge incentives, but we've had a few accidents at the park. The solution? The potty is always in tow, and an iPhone to watch videos when nature calls! Ahhhhhhh parenthood! I'm sure he'll be really happy someday that I posted this pic. ( :
What are you up to this weekend? We have another open house and will probably lay low to continue the potty training. It's chilly willy out there, which I'm LOVING, so I'll probably make some sort of winter stew and start a new Netflix series. Also Mike and I are both fighting a cold which I'm determined to beat! Lots of THIS usually does the trick.
Have a nice weekend everyone and stay warm.

-I've seen "Making a Murderer," and THIS is on my list next!

-Or perhaps a Ted Talk? THESE 15 will change your life.

-Love these 12 SIMPLE RITUALS!

-THIS WOMAN scientifically has the worlds most beautiful face! What do you think?

-In case you were wondering the truth about the thread count in SHEETS.

-Think I'll attempt THIS STEW this weekend. Looks delicious!


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