2016 Vision Board

Hi Friends! How has 2016 been treating you? I can't complain here.
On January 2nd I signed up for this vision board class. I've made vision boards in the past, (see HERE) but didn't really know what to expect. I walked into a dimly lit room full of yoga mats, pillows, stacks of magazines and the most beautiful energy. 
Our teacher (Christina) started the class by discussing vision boards and visualization. We talked about our own experiences with vision boards and what we wanted out of ours. Christina then led us in  meditation and a psychotherapist named Heidi to led us in tapping. Don't know what tapping is? See Heidie's website HERE.

Next Christina had us write down five things we wanted in 2016, and five things we wanted to let go of. We held onto the five things we wanted, and ripped up the five things we wanted out of our lives and threw them into a large basket that she would later burn. So cool! I love this kind of stuff! 

Photo credit: Christina Prieto

Then we got to work, flipping through magazines, and cutting and gluing inspiration onto our boards. The class lasted about 3 hours, but I could have stayed forever. It was so cool to meet other people with the same outlook on life. It was fun to be creative and be out doing my own thing. It was really good for the soul and I left happy and excited for 2016. My board isn't quite complete, but I'm still working on it and adding a little bit of inspiration everyday.
Photo credit: Christina Prieto
That's ME in the blue! Photo credit :Christina Prieto
Have you ever made a vision board? Have any of your vision board dreams come true? Try it! You never know. 
Have a sweet week!

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