It's Christmas eve, eve as I sit here on my computer checking Facebook, and looking through blogs, (you know, important stuff). Tommy is on Michael's lap as they sit and watch some annoying Baby Einstein show. 
All of a sudden Tommy exclaims,"I'm HAPPY Daddy!" To which Mike says,"You're happy?!" And Tommy says,"Yeah.... I'm happy." My heart just melts because isn't that all that we want in life? To be happy? And most of all isn't that all we really want for our kids? So there you have it. My day is complete because my son is HAPPY.

What makes you happy? 
Here are ten things that make ME happy, in no particular order.

-Beyer's Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.
-A really great movie
-My family
-Coffee, coffee, coffee
-White linen sheets
-Amazon Prime
-A COLD Florida day
-Chunky cable knit sweaters
-The ocean
-Purple tulips
-and most of all...... my sons HAPPINESS!

Have a HAPPY day!

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