Tommy's Mickey Party!

Tommy had his 3d birthday party yesterday!
 It was a bit thrown together, but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. From the company, to the decor, to the cupcakes, he was in Mickey heaven! It was a small gathering (13 people including us) but it was perfect. Since it was in the morning, I had a little brunch buffet complete with mini croissants, 3 different quiches, a crudités platter, fruit salad and sweet potato tater tots. To drink? Coffee, water and mimosas. The kids had Mickey shaped veggie chips and of course cupcakes which are the most exciting thing in the world when you're three! The cupcakes were vanilla or chocolate with cream cheese frosting and I stuck two "thin" Oreo cookies in each to be the Mickey ears. Easy and effective! The kids loved them, and they ALL chose chocolate. Good to know in the future. Chocolate is the big draw!
It was simple and fun.
They played and opened gifts, and before we knew it the party was over and a very happy Tommy had a nice long nap!
Thank you to all Tommy's friends and parents for making his day so special!