How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was pretty low key, but not purposely. We were supposed to spend our Thanksgiving with good friends but then this happened......

My little T came down with a fever so we had to cancel. ) :  How does that happen? How is it that everyone is perfectly healthy until a big event comes up or something you reeeeeeeally want to go to? How? 
Thankfully our amazing friends hooked us up BIG TIME with a very large bag FULL with a delicious  Thanksgiving dinner and all the fixings. I threw together a quick centerpiece, and tried to make it as special as possible even though it was just the three of us. Tommy tried to eat, but kept informing me that his tongue hurt. I'm thinking he is referring to his throat, but at three I guess that's the best way to describe it. I gave him a little Tylenol and put him to bed and hopefully his tongue will feel better tomorrow. Mike did the dishes (so thankful) and retired to bed also hoping he won't come down with whatever Tommy has. He has a big show this weekend so I pray he remains healthy.

So here I sit, alone with my buddy Jake, but I am Thankful. Our Thanksgiving didn't go as planned, but so is life. 
Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving full of gratitude and blessings!

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