Happy 3d Birthday Tommy!

Dear Tommy,
I'm not sure how this happened, but you are 3 today! 
It feels like yesterday that I was jumping for joy when you hit 3lbs, and now you're 30lbs, and I know you're 30lbs, because you hop on my scale each morning to report it to me, and then tell me to weigh myself. No thank you!
I have finally turned your car seat forward, and you are my little back seat driver telling me to STOP at red lights, GO, GO, GO at green lights, and STOP again at yellow lights. You say,"Be careful!" (my little worrier) and yell out "That was a close one!" whenever I brake a little too suddenly. 

You run like the wind, and leap like a dancer. You are a lover of hats, and have a sun glass collection bigger than mine. You love strawberry milkshakes and lollipops and all the sugary things I swore I would never give you, and you tell me I'm "soooooooo cute" at least once a day which is just so adorable and reminds me that I say that phrase way too much. You're a bit obsessed with the song Daddy Finger and would spend countless hours on your ipad watching Daddy Finger videos if you could. You tell dad and I to "GO INTO THE KITCHEN!" while you practice, and you get extremely annoyed if we join in on the song. Entertaining is in your DNA for sure! 

You're a true Scorpio, which scares me and brings me some comfort all at the same time. This beautiful world can be a cruel place, but I'm pretty sure you can handle it. You have a confidence about you that I'm hoping you will manage to keep, and as strong as you are, you are equally sensitive and sweet.  You strut into a room and say,"Hi! I'm Tommy, nice to meet you!" Your favorite color is red, no blue, no green, no yellow, no purple! You LOVE other kids and sharing has never been a hard concept for you to grasp. You are happy to make sure everyone gets a turn.
Just the other day you made a new friend at the park. It was a little girl and you told your dad and I that she was your sister. 
Gotta admit it broke my heart for a second when you said that, but seeing the joy as you ran up and down the slide with that little girl giggling and screaming assures me that you are a happy boy without a care in the world. Perhaps your angel sister is running with you? 

Happy birthday my little "T" and thank YOU for making me a mommy three years ago today. It's the BEST gift I've received to date!