Toddler Cheese Plate

I don't know about you, but I LOVE a good cheese plate. I mean who doesn't love a nice cheese plate? Colorful cheeses, crackers, nuts, olives and meats? There's just something about a cheese plate that hits the spot and makes you feel a little sophisticated at the same time.
When I can't think of what to feed Tommy for dinner or lunch I make him up his own little cheese plate and he loves it. His little face lights up and he digs right in. The combination of colors and textures and dipping (dipping is BIG FUN when you're a toddler) and overall variety makes for a fun, healthy and yummy meal.  I usually only give him 1 slice of cheese cut up, apples and peanut butter (organic) for dipping and some sort of fruit. Bananas and raspberries are always in our house so that's what I used here. I skip the crackers altogether, because toddlers get enough carbs in their lives, and he never seems to miss them. So there you have it. A beautiful toddler cheese plate.
Bon Appetite!

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