A Sweet Week

Yes that IS a bourbon flavored cupcake with vanilla maple frosting, and maple glazed bacon on top. Yes it is! And yes it was delicious. I had a few "sweet" girlfriends over the night who came complete with dinner, drinks, and this sweet treat. Not gonna lie....I had three!

Tommy and I flew solo this past week while Michael was in Philadelphia with the Philly Pops, which basically meant I was in constant search of things to do to tire this guy out! We ate cupcakes and had McDonalds for dinner. We also hit up Dunkin Donuts one morning for breakfast where Tommy exclaimed,"I LOVE donuts! They are deeeeeelicious!" Like duh! We went to the park, and the Winter Park Art Festival where we had kettle corn and gelato. As you can see my "healthy" lifestyle went completely out the window! We took over Target for an hour or so, to find the perfect toy, and also hit up a juice bar with his buddies Ben and Lucy and had cold pressed juice ice pops! We had play dates, and story time at the library and even ventured to Trader Joe's to buy up all their pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING. Pumpkin waffles, pumpkin O's cereal, pumpkin bread, pumpkin mousse cakes, pumpkin granola, you name it! They are all "pumpkined" out right now! We did a little Fall decorating and colored and painted and well.... you get it! And the best part of all???? Dad comes home today!
Have a sweet week everyone!

Mike with the Philly Pops!

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