Life, Labor Day and LINKS

I know, I know it's been a while hasn't it? But, you know what's nice? When I haven't done a post in a while, people actually ask me about it! They say they miss it, and that feels good, so here ya go, and thank you to those for reading. ( :
Life is good. Still waiting to sell our house, and buy our next dream house, but that's life right? Mike just had a Birthday, and we celebrated with ice cream cake decorated with "Hula girls," gifts of course pancakes, because that's his fav, and Mike and I even went on a dinner date which was nice.
Tommy had his first music class last week and is as busy as ever.  Other than that, we've been hanging with good friends and enjoying the final days of the summer which I am happy to see go because it's been a HOT one in Florida! What are you all up to this Labor Day? I think we'll lay low. I plan on checking out some of those Labor Day sales (online of course) and will probably have our own little barbecue at Chez Andrew. Hope everyone has a nice long Labor Day weekend. Stay safe!

Links to my favorite Labor Day Sales:






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