The Afterlife

Do you believe in the afterlife? 
I'm not particularly religious, but I've always believed in Heaven. I've always believed there had to be something beyond our lives on earth, yet I've known several people, family members included who believe that once you die, that's's over. 
I always feel a bit sad when someone tells me that. Sad that they don't believe they have anything to look forward to and sad that they don't believe they'll be reunited with loved ones from the past. But to each his own right? I've always been a believer. I even visited a medium when my daughter died, but that's another story and another blog!
When we lost Cali, I received these three books from friends. The first was Heaven is for Real which was left on our doorstep from sweet friends on the one year anniversary of Cali's death. I didn't actually read it right away, but when I finally picked it up I couldn't put it down. I mean.... how can you not believe a small child when he discribes his journey to heaven? 
Next I read Waking Up In Heaven which was written by a woman and equally fascinating, and last week I finally got around to reading Proof of Heaven
As much as I was a believer before I read any of these books, Proof of Heaven really sealed the deal for me. The Author Eben Alexander, M.D. was a neurosurgeon and non believer until a deadly form of meningitis sent him on a journey to Heaven. Proof of Heaven is written from a scientfic point of view which is both interesting and intriguing. 
All three of these books have brought me much needed peace and I would highly recommend picking one up if you are grieving someone you've lost, or if you know someone who is grieving. And even if you aren't grieving, you should pick one up. 

What do you think? Do you believe in the afterlife? 
I'd love to hear your stories.
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