Family Dinner + LINKS

What are you up to this weekend?
Michael has a recording session here at the house, so I'll be keeping Tommy busy by hopefully getting in lots of pool time. Yesterday a big FOR SALE sign went up in our front yard. Yup! The time has come to sell our house, and it's exciting and scary at the same time. We love "Chez Andrew" but have grown out of this house, so we're crossing our fingers for a successful sale and hoping to find our next dream house at the same time.

Now for the picture above. Dinner is an important meal in our house. We sit down every night (6pm sharp) to enjoy a meal together while catching up on our day and teaching Tommy manners at the same time. Not many people sit and enjoy a meal together anymore, and it's something I hope to continue as a family as long as I possibly can. While setting the table the other night something made me smile and I just had to grab my camera. It's a pretty typical meal really. We try to be healthy, and Tommy eats whatever WE eat minus the apple sauce of course, but what made me smile is the Vaudeville straw hat hiding behind the candle. See it? I don't know who put it there. Michael? Tommy? It could be either! Only at the Andrews, where vaudeville is alive and well! 
Have a great weekend everyone, and enjoy the links!

+ I am currently reading THIS and I cannot put it down! As a "Girls Next Door" watcher, I had to know what really went down in the Playboy Mansion. Crazy I tell ya!

+ Now that we're selling our house I'm going to try THIS. Don't know if it works, but I'm gonna give it a shot.

+ I wish they had THESE when I had an apartment in NY. Would have been a ncie quick fix for the kitchen. Cool right?!

+ I am ALWAYS looking for something new to do with ground turkey. I made THIS the other night and it was SO GOOD!!!!

+ Doing a little shopping this weekend? Nordstom is having a sale! See HERE.

Daily Gratitude: Today I am thankful for the rain. It's doing wonders for my flowers and grass!

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Regina said...

I love decals (and yes it has come in very handy with NYC apartments indeed)... They have the tile ones in all sorts of colors now too :)