Visualization and LINKS

Do you believe in visualization? You know, you visualize and focus on something you really want and then hopefully have the power to manifest it. Well, I'm a believer and I do it all the time.
For example, see that door above? Well, that's the door to my future house. No, I don't own that house YET...... but I will! I can just tell this is our house. I can feel it in my gut, and I've already decorated it in my mind! Visualize, visualize!

What are you up to this Memorial Day Weekend? We'll continue getting OUR house ready to sell. Michael has been busy with repairs and upgrades, and I clear the clutter. I think we're a good team!. Hopefully we'll get some pool time in too. Tommy starts swim lessons soon so we're trying to prep him. Whatever it is you have planned this weekend ENJOY, and lets not forget to honor our fallen soldiers who gave their lives to make our lives and Country a better place.
We appreciate you!

Now check out some fun links I found on the web..... 
~Read THIS article which helped inspire me to clear the clutter, I reeeeeeally want to read the book!
~Making the worlds best chicken this weekend. Looks easy, healthy and delish!
~If you have any introvert friends like myself, this article is dead on!
-Bought this summer dress from Target in "Beach Blue," and love it!
~Currently reading "Bringing up Bébé," and I'm completely intrigued! Totally changing some of my parenting approaches. The French are onto something and I'm sold!
~Here is an article which helps to really explain visualization. Try it! You'll be surprised how powerful your mind is.


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Bonnie O'Connell said...

I can see it too!

Yes, let's always honor those that served that we can live the lives we so take for granted.

Love You, Mom