I looked out my front window yesterday and saw this.
There he was, a smiling happy Tommy in my mothers arms, and I ran to get my camera to try to capture the moment. He would run up to my mom and jump into her arms where she would kiss him and squeeze him, and then he'd jump right down to do it all over again. It's moments like that where you realize that family should be together. My parents live in New Jersey, and Michael's parents live in Wisconsin so we don't get to see them much. In my dreams, we all live in the same town, or at least in the same state. In the old days families all lived practically on the same street or in the same house, but in today's world jobs bring us to different parts of the country and we don't have that luxury. Those that do are SO LUCKY! Time goes fast, so enjoy your Grandparents everyone. I sure wish I still had mine!

Tommy woke this morning and asked where "Mom Mom" was. I don't think his two year old mind understood that she went back to HER house, but I told him she would be back to visit soon.
In the mean time, I am going to make him THIS BOOK that I saw over at A Cup Of Jo (one of my favorite bloggers). What a perfect idea to keep your child familiar with family in between visits!
Have a nice week everyone.

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Bonnie O'Connell said...

Aww! Thank you for this! Love You, Mom