Hello Friends! How have you been? We've been busy around here, and I let another week pass without a blog post, and I just hate it when that happens! Part of the reason is my camera, which is not cooperating. I really need to have it looked at, but haven't had the time, and being without it, has really made me realize how much I like to take pictures!
Mike travelled to Philly this week to do a promo spot for his upcoming performance with The Philly Pops, and we took Tommy to a local fair to ride ponies. Unfortunately he was too small so we just stared at the ponies. Don't feel bad.  He still "rules the roost," around here at Chez Andrew and is loved and spoiled beyond belief. He'll survive!
What's up for your weekend? I'm going out with a fun friend for drinks and Jazz, and the weather is supposed to beautiful. I ordered Tommy this Water Park Table and I'm hoping it arrives just in time. I'll also be experimenting with more toddler friendly smoothie recipes because Tommy is hooked on smoothies. Other than that, maybe a few open houses? We're still trying to find our dream house, which is difficult because our wish list is HUGE! 
 Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend.

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